BMW X5 NR – "ready to race"

We offer BMW X5 NR rental for Baja Rallies, long distance rallies and other events.

Our basic offer includes full technical preparation of the car and service during the event:

- Complete preparation for the rally in our workshop
- Race ready BMW X5NR being delivered to the race/shakedown area
- Spare parts normal wear and tear
- Spare tires, fuel for the race car (standard fuel),
- Full insurance for the road sections. Does not include stages!
- Shared Team Manager, Co-ordinator/logistic

Additionally we are ready to provide full administrative and logistics handling, incl. designing and stickering of the race car according to customer design, entry fees, driver/co-driver transportation, accommodation, catering etc.

We will answer further questions and present You a detailed price offer for requested events via e-mail , don’t hesitate to contact us.