Neoraid is an Rally Raid Racing Team, competing in Cross Country Rallies. During over 20 years history, we’ve been competing in many national and international events. In last seasons the crew used to race with Bowler Nemesis, than in 2012 and 2013 it was BMW X5 CC, and the present race car is an BMW X5 CC - both BMW were manufactured in X Raid. Neoraid competes in FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies and in long distance rallies. Completed Dakar 2012 and 2013 and faced that challenge also in 2014. We kindly welcome competitors and other race teams to cooperation. We offer sale or rental of rally cars, incl. service and spare parts supply during rallies and other events. Based on our experience we are ready to organize or logistically advice during Baja or long distance races.

Piotr Beaupré


Jacek Lisicki